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Wavelet Application Group

(Nur englische Version verfügbar!)

The Wavelet Application Group exists since Summer 2004 and is a small group of researchers and students, whose interests concern signal processing and Wavelets. Wavelets are a signal processing tool and can be employed as digital filters. The concept of the group is comprehensive in that it includes a yearly class on applications of wavelets (Wavelet Lab) and the project Spisa, which concerns the development of intelligent applications for wireless sensors. Please contact Prof. Clemens Gühmann or Stephan Rein if you have any questions. Activities of the Group:

  • Project SPISA , click here for a picture of the sensor platform
  • Summer Class on Wavelets
  • Mobile Phone Programming Class

Recent Publications/ Tutorials of the Group:

  • S. Lehmann: Fixed-Point Multiplication using the dsPIC Hardware Features: Some Notes and appropriate Assembler Code; July 2008; available here
  • S. Rein, S. Lehmann, C. Gühmann: Fractional Wavelet Filter for Camera Sensor Node with external Flash and extremely little RAM; in the Proc. of the ACM Mobimedia'08 talk ThePaper
  • S. Lehmann, S. Rein, C. Gühmann: Filesystem for Sensor Node with scarce Resources; in the Proc. of the ACM Mobimedia'08 code manual talk ThePaper

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