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TU Berlin

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Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Clemens Gühmann


Head of Chair

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Gühmann

TU Berlin
Sekr. EN13
Einsteinufer 17
D - 10587 Berlin

+49 30 314-29393 oder +49 30 314-22280
+49 30 314-25717

EN 539
Virtual office hour:
monday 17:30 - 18:30 pm over zoom
Buisness Card:


Main Research

  • Modern Data Processing Methods (e.g. Wavelets) for Automotive Systems
  • Simulation-, Test- and Calibration Methods for Automotive Electronic Control Units(HiL, MiL, SiL-Simulation)
  • Modeling and Real Time Simulation of Automotive Systems
  • Pattern Recognition and Technical Diagnosis
  • Hybrid Vehicle Control Strategies

Wavelet Applikation Group

The Wavelet Application Group is a subgroup of the MDT team, founded by Prof. C. Gühmann and Stephan Rein in 2004 to carry the theory of Wavelets to real-world applications. Wavelets are a signal processing tool and can act as digital filters.The group is currently engaged in the recent project Spisa (see link Wavelet Application Group), which concerns the development of intelligent applications for signal processing sensor networks. Spisa may serve as a tool for the research community and for teaching students in the field of data engineering, wireless communications, and embedded systems.


Publications Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Gühmann

Wear Modelling for Remaining Lifetime Prediction of Dry Clutches

Strommenger, D., Gühmann, C., Knoblich, R. and Beilharz, J.

Simulation and Testing for Vehicle Technology, 147-158. 2016

Download Bibtex entry

A Flexible Filter for Synchronous Angular Resampling with a Wireless Sensor Network

Funck, J. and Gühmann, C.

Journal of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) 2016

Download Bibtex entry

Vibration based diagnostic of cracks in hybrid ball bearings

Seimert, M. and Gühmann, C.

In 14th IMEKO TC10 Workshop on Technical Diagnostics. 2016

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Decker, M., Hintz, K., Nobis, J. and Gühmann, C.

Proceedings of the XX IMEKO World Congress 2012

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Sliding mode position control for automotive dry clutch system: Nonlinear observer/sliding mode control design for an electro-hydraulic actuation system

Knoblich, R., Gühmann, C. and Beilharz, J.

Systems, Signals and Devices (SSD), 2012 9th International Multi-Conference on, 1 -6. 2012

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Geräuschgeregelter Dieselmotor II

Decker, M., Hintz, K., Joerres, M., Tschöke, H. and Gühmann, C.

Informationstagung Motoren : Früjahrstagung 2012 ; H. 558, 409-435. 2012

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Noise-Controlled Diesel Engine

Decker, M., Gühmann, C., Tschöke, H., Henze, W. and Nobis, J.

In Proceedings of 21th Aachener Kolloquium 2012, 1287-1316. 2012

Download Bibtex entry

Virtual Sensors for Controlling a Diesel Engine

Decker, M., Gühmann, C. and Nobis, J.

Automotive Powertrain Control Systems, 72-91. 2012

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Detailed Model of a Hydromechanical Double Clutch Actuator with a suitable Control Algorithm

Nowoisky, S., Shen, C. and Gühmann, C.

Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference. The Modelica Association and Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS; Design Automation Division EAS. 2011

Download Bibtex entry

Modellbasierte Steuergeräteentwicklung für Kfz-Getriebesysteme am Prüfstand

Knoblich, R. B. J. and Gühmann, C.

Tagungsband Mechatronik 2011, Dresden, 31.Maerz - 1.April 2011. T. Betram, B. Corves, K. Janschek. 2011

Link to publication Download Bibtex entry

Untersuchung von Körperschallsignalen im Zeit-Frequenzbereich für ein körperschallbasiertes Motormanagement

Decker, M., Hintz, K. and Gühmann, C.

XXV. Messtechnisches Symposium des Arbeitskreises der Hochschullehrer für Messtechnik e.V. (AHMT). Shaker Verlag, 1-14. 2011

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Diesel Engine Management with Center-of-Heat-Release Control Based on Structure-Borne Sound Signals

Decker, M., Gühmann, C., Lucas, S., Hintz, K., Tschöeke, H., Nobis, J., Stölting, E. and Joerres, M.

11th Stuttgart International Symposium, 639-653. 2011

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Geräuschgeregelter Dieselmotor

Decker, M., Hintz, K., Nobis, J., Joerres, M. and Gühmann, C.

Motorentechnische Zeitschrift (MTZ), 226-233. 2011

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Analyse des Einspritz- und Verbrennungsgeräusches eines Dieselmotors mit modernen Methoden der Signalverarbeitung zur Regelung und Diagnose

Decker, M., Lucas, S., Joerres, M., Tschöeke, H. and Gühmann, C.

Informationstagung Turbomaschinen : Herbsttagung 2010 ; H. 551, 219-249. 2010

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Gühmann
+49 30 314-29393
Building EN
Room EN539


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