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Data Based Modelling of Engine Dynamics
Citation key DOEKONFERENZ2007
Author Nahrstaedt, H and Gühmann, C
Title of Book Design of Experiments (DOE) in Engine Development, III
Year 2007
Publisher expert Verlag
Edition erste
Abstract The rapid calibration of automotive electronic control units (ECU), the on-board diagnosis and the control of the power train and its components require more and more sophisticated identification methods for highly non-linear dynamic systems. Besides the good model accuracy the models has to run on microprocessors or PCs in real-time applications. We describe in this paper an identification method based on a Wiener model structure for non-linear multi-input single-output systems. The used Wiener models consist of a dynamic part, represented by linear transfer functions and the nonlineari-ties, which are modelled with polynomials or neural networks. The model structure, the parameter optimisation with the Gauss-Newton method, tests of goodness of fit as well as the strengths and drawbacks are shown. As a practical example the identification of the temperature in dependence of five inputs (advance angle, engine speed, load, input valve angle and output valve angle) is discussed.
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