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Modeling and Testing of the Hydro-Mechanical Synchronization System for a Double Clutch Transmission
Citation key Huang_Modelica_2012
Author Hua Huang and Sebastian Nowoisky and René Knoblich and Clemens Gühmann
Title of Book Proceedings of the 9th International Modelica Conference
Pages 284...294
Year 2012
ISBN 978-91-7519-826-2
Address Munich, Germany
Number 76
Month September
Editor Martin Otter and Dirk Zimmer
Publisher Modelica Association and Linköping University Electronic Press
Series Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
Abstract Synchronization is a core component in the automotive powertrain. It uses friction and locking elements to synchronize the occurring speed difference during gear shifting. The optimization of this shifting process is of high interest in respect to fuel consumption and comfort considerations. Moreover, for the model-based calibration of automated transmissions, detailed simulation models of the synchronization system are also necessary. Highly accurate models allow simulation of nonlinear effects having a major influence on the shifting process. Currently, with less detailed models only rough estimations of the shifting process are possible, it has a reduced meaning for the precise calibration. This paper uses a popular double clutch transmission (DCT) as the research object and presents the detailed hydro-mechanical synchronization model. Firstly, an introduction to the theory of the synchronization is given. Subsequently, a Modelica\textsuperscripttextregistered based synchronization model consisting of hydro-mechanic actuators and gear shifting synchronizers is presented. Finally, these modules are discussed in detail and evaluated based on different simulations. A comparison with measurement data from a test bench is also included in the end.
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