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Modelling, Simulation, and an Automated Analysis of Shifting Processes of a Double Clutch Transmission
Zitatschlüssel isernhagen08CTI
Autor Isernhagen, H and Gühmann, C
Buchtitel 7th International CTI Symposium
Seiten 613-626
Jahr 2008
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Herausgeber Car Training Institute (CTI)
Edition 1
Zusammenfassung In consideration of comfort and driveability more and more cars are assembled with double clutch transmissions. The correct control of the two clutches is very important for the different shifting processes. Control and calibration errors can result in bad shiftings, e. g., in form of rotational speed droppings, break outs, or oscillations. In the vehicle development the detection and assessment of bad shiftings is very important. In this paper an automated measurement analysis system will be introduced for the evaluation of shifting processes of different quality. First, we present the modelling of a double clutch transmission with an appropriate controller. It is possible to verify on the one hand the physical level of detail and on the other hand the control of the shifting process. We discuss the simulation of different kind of faults and their detection with an automated measurement data system. With the simulation results of this work we can parametrise the automated measurement data analysis system for the evaluation of shifting processes.
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