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Diagnostic and Fault Simulations of Automotive Applications Using Modelica
Zitatschlüssel sut08modelica
Autor Isernhagen, H and Winkler, D and Gühmann, C
Buchtitel Simulation und Test in der Funktions- und Softwareentwicklung für die Autmobilelektronik II
Seiten 166-177
Jahr 2008
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Herausgeber Clemens Gühmann
Verlag expert verlag
Zusammenfassung During the development of new power train components the use of simulation models helps to investigate the system behaviour at a very early stage. Starting with a global model of the vehicle different components can be modelled using different levels of detail. The system's behaviour can be monitored in respect to different control strategies. Especially interesting for the development process is the simulation of system faults in order to examine system's reaction on certain faults. For the modelling of mechatronic systems our Chair of Electronic Measurement and Diagnostic Technology of the Technische Universität Berlin uses the object-oriented modelling language Modelica. This paper will first present a model for the simulation of shifting processes of a double clutch transmission (DCT). The objective here is to simulate the shifting processes at different quality levels. In a second part a new free Modelica library is presented. That library can be used to simulate different electric drives with and without faults. In combination with the power train model this can be used to do drive cycle simulations of hybrid electric vehicles.
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