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Modelling of a Double Clutch Transmission with an Appropriate Controller for the Simulation of Shifting Processes
Zitatschlüssel isernhagen08modelica
Autor Isernhagen, H and Gühmann, C
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 6th International Modelica Conference
Seiten 333-339
Jahr 2008
Adresse Bielefeld, Germany
Herausgeber Bernhard Bachmann
Verlag Modelica Association and University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
Edition 1
Zusammenfassung In this paper the modelling of a double clutch transmission with an appropriate controller is presented. An accordant library for modelling different levels of detail and the use of defined state signals are introduced. Furthermore, the control of the transmission with the simulation of shifting cycles is discussed. By varying the driver models it is possible to drive miscellaneous drive and shifting cycles. We present simulation results of a drive cycle with an examination of the interaction between the transmission control and the engine control. Finally, the application of the model and the simulation data are shown in view to the parameterisation of an automated measurement data analysis system.
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