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Simulative Analysis and Evaluation of DC/DC Converters for Thermoelectric Generators
Zitatschlüssel Carstens_2012
Autor Jan Hendrik Carstens and Clemens Gühmann
Buchtitel Simulation und Test für die Automobilelektronik IV
Seiten 145...155
Jahr 2012
ISBN 978-3-8169-3121-8
Adresse Wankelstraße 13 D-71272 Renningen
Herausgeber Clemens Gühmann and Jens Riese and Thieß-Magnus Wolter
Verlag Expert Verlag
Zusammenfassung The optimization of combustion engines is one of the main goals of automotive development. One important reason for this is climate change. Today, the efficiency of fuel driven mechanical equipment is rather poor with about 50% of the energy being dissipated as heat. One possible solution to increase the efficiency of the combustion system is to recover waste energy from the exhaust gas with thermoelectric generators (TEGs). This paper presents an electrical linking with DC/DC converts between TEGs and the on-board power supply of a vehicle. Theoretical analysis as well as simulation results prove the capability of the proposed DC/DC converter structures to efficiency recover energy.
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